Question the advice of others

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Question the advice of others

Of course, beekeepers, whether writing or speaking, recommend the hive that they have chosen, or the one that they have invented, as they believe that they have perfected it. But paternal love is blind. Beekeepers do not see the defects of their hives. They mislead you without realising it.

One passion drives humanity, namely vanity. Let us call it self-love.

But self-love prevents the beekeeper admitting that he is mistaken in his choice of hive, unless he happens to discover it himself. He will say that it gives excellent results. And by force of repeating this, perhaps he will end up convincing himself. And without thinking he is deceiving you, he will promise you amazing harvests. In fact you will be deceived.

It is also necessary to recognise that sometimes personal interest guides certain beekeepers. They do not want the competition to increase, so they recommend what they disdain.

Hive manufacturers, on the other hand, will be motivated to recommend the hive that they mass produce. It gives them more profits. It is not always the best. It is thus better not to listen to anyone. It is just as well that there is an infallible means of recognising the best hive.

Base yourself on apicultural or scientific principles which everyone accepts and that no one will argue with.

The value of my advice

For more than thirty years I have studied in my apiaries the main hive systems shown in the illustrations reproduced here.

I have in my apiaries 350 hives of different systems. I have been able to make comparisons.

However, I do not wish to impose my experience on anyone. To appraise my hive and method, the fruit of my researches, I will not impose myself, my work nor the results obtained. I will simply give you the reasons for their superiority, reasons based on incontestable apicultural and scientific principles.

Furthermore, even when I give the dimensions of the hive that I recommend, my advice has absolutely no personal interest.

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